[PlanetCCRMA] Small Bug: alsa-driver-0.9.4-2.cvs

Janina Sajka janina@rednote.net
Sat Sep 6 06:11:03 2003

Hi, Nando:

I'm attempting to build from source so changed a few settings in the
.spec. Since I'm not using any ISA, I uncommented the --without-isapnp
line. That resulted in the following rpmbuild error:

[root@toccata 08:35:26] SPECS#rpmbuild -ba --target i686
Building target platforms: i686
Building for target i686
error: line 26: Unknown tag:  ommit isapnp support:  

* updated Qjackctl to version 0.0.5
* updated Lilypond to version 1.8.1 (only on RedHat 8.0 and 9)
  (with matching updates for guile and texinfo)

More details, as usual, in the Changelog...
-- Fernando

PS: I'm getting close to releasing a new kernel. Hopefully it will more
closely matched to the RedHat kernel as I have added some of the patches
they include, I'm sure it will solve many current bugs and introduce new
ones as well :-)

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