[PlanetCCRMA] PD.Balkania Linux audio workshops

derek holzer derek@x-i.net
Fri Oct 31 15:58:01 2003

Just finished the documentation for a series of Pure Data and Linux
audio workshops in Croatia, Bosnia+Herzegovina and Serbia+Montenegro 
that have occupied the last month-or-so of my life. I alternated between 
a Knoppix version of DeMuDi and PlanetCCRMA for these workshops, using 
the live CD in a pinch, and using the Planet packages when I had time + 
machines to make real installations. Some of this information is 
included in the PlanetCCRMA website, but I thought folks might want to 
see what I was up to and get a little deeper into a few things (PD, for 
example). Comments, additions and corrections welcome!