[PlanetCCRMA] similar to planet except for other distributions?

kevin ernste kevine@esm.rochester.edu
Thu Oct 30 09:28:01 2003

> TurnKey Mandrake audiovisual packages [from what i have seen lately
> on 
> his site, he is kind-of "merging" w/ Planet]

Yes and no.  I don't feel the need  (and frankly don't have the time
:)) to duplicate work done amazingly well elsewhere (Planet in the case
of RH...thanks Fernando, contrib/Thac in the case of MDK, etc.  I'm
even working with some SuSe folks).  As I have said before, I think
Planet is an excellent thing and a great model for other work.

But the package management should, IMHO, be just the beginning.

In addition to being an automated/scripted install of the above
distros, Turn-key also installs a system integration layer: shell-level
env/tools for top-down maintainance of disk partitions for large blocks
(audio/video), searchable soundfile library tools, batch utilities,
help files (pitch ratio charts, etc), tutorials, templates for various
apps, etc, mostly in-house stuff.

The system is based on the 'BICSF Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound Filesystem'
environment where you have duplicated unix tools (ls, cd, chown, etc)
which operate on a home soundfile directory (lsf, cdsf, chownsf, etc). 
More here:

http://ftp.cwi.nl/audio/BICSF-info (search for "BICSF Description"

As MDK 9.2 hits the streets I'll be finally getting my act back
together and posting some new stuff, cleaning up the pages and
adjusting the scope of the project a bit.


> Aaron Trumm wrote:
> >Hello y'all - I'm writing an article and I'm mentioning Planet -
> then I
> >realized I'd heard there were some similar sort of package
> "services" to
> >Planet for Debian maybe Mandrake?  is this so?
> >
> >Does anyone know where they are?  I thought it'd be helpful to
> mention them
> >too.
> >

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