[PlanetCCRMA] Re: MiniPC or LapTop? Sooner or later...

\"Mr.Freeze\" theremin@free.fr
Sun Oct 26 13:25:02 2003

Thanks Ryan for your dedication!

I hardly see myself carrying that mini PC thru the customs at the airport and it
would easily reduce the availability and comprehensiveness of my luggage!

I'm used to watching a tiny 15" CRT monitor, so 15" active matrix laptop screens
won't really annoy me!
(I can't even see the whole Ardour window on it with a 1024x768 resolution...)

I think i'll simply come with some Knoppix demo linux live cd alikes to test
directly at the store if the laptop is indeed fully linux compliant (either
DeMuDi or medialinux we'll see...)

I wasn't thinking of USB (1.1 provided the market) but FireWire soundcards:
EgoSys are to release a bunch of these by this late winter. When it comes to
ALSA drivers...

Pricey Rotten Apples (AIC blinking) with pricey audioapps...
Why not?
When i'm wealthier than the current student I am!