[PlanetCCRMA] HDSP again and again

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc@rncbc.org
Thu Oct 16 16:24:02 2003

> Aaron Trumm wote:
> fernando has suggested turning acpi off in your grub.conf in the past
> also just physically moving the card to different slots until it does
> something better with the irq
> also, one of those messages said there's no multiface connected
> - is that a lie?  hopefully it is.  is the multiface connected?
> I would first try turning acpi off  (add acpi=off to the boot line in
> grub.conf) and reboot  and then when that doesn't work (which I have a
> feeling it won't), move the card to a different slot, and make sure
> every damn thing you can possibly connect is connected and try again...
> and then I don't know exactly...we'll see what others say :)

Just to notice one of my latest experiences:

I don't have any hammerfall stuff, but I've recently upgraded my rig to a
P4@2.80C, and I must tell that HT rocks!

Unfortunately, as for a SMP-enabled-kernel properly recognize the logical
CPU couple that HT magic offers, ACPI must be full enabled. Otherwise
you're not pushing these P4s to full throttle where DAW should be king :)
at least where hyper-threading/SMT is the issue.

So, turning acpi=off is somewhat a serious compromise, rather some kind of
trade-off. Be warned.

But maybe you're dreaming with AMD64...

Meanwhile, I am already producing with a very workable machine, and I
guess it is not that expensive (about 600EUR/~$ was the deal on upgrading
a late dual-P3@1GHz).

All Linux-based and a joy :)
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela