[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Hiss, Noise reduction etc

Andrew Burgess aab@cichlid.com
Thu Oct 16 07:39:01 2003

>Most of what I'd like to do with audio software for linux is in the area
>of taking out background noise, hisses, humms, hiccups and sneezes.

I work on the same thing.

>anyone recommend a tool in the planet ccrma list (no medical
>prescriptions please!) and possibly a tutorial on the web, or a small
>example? So far I've found denoi and gwc(Gnome wav cleaner) but I can't
>get them to work on my redhat 9.1 computer.

Sweep is more stable the gwc.

Gwc works for me on rh9 + ccrma. How does it fail for you?

It has bug related to cutting out sections that aren't exactly at the front of
the end of a sample. I mean to take a look at it. I like gwc because it loads
files twice as fast as sweep (I imagine it mmaps them because it saves files
with only end truncation instantly) and my files are 1/2GB...

I think you might be working manually for hiccups and sneezes unless they
are always louder than the desired content. If so you could make some
samples available and I'll try to automate something to attenuate them.

There are a ton of LADSPA plugins thet I haven't wrapped my head around
yet, including at least 3 compressors.