[PlanetCCRMA] primetime?

Aaron aamehl@bezeqint.net
Mon Oct 13 10:08:01 2003

> Aaron,
>    If the Ardour guys told you it couldn't be done in Ardour, then I'd
> assume they were right about that.
>    How about this hack...Take your track in Ardour, and through Jack
> send it out to something like JAMin, Steve Harris's multi-band
> compressor, and then back into Ardour from Jack and rerecord it. I
> *think* JAMin has a make-up gain control, You should be able to push
> that up, do some adjustments to the compressor to make sure you're not
> lighting up too much, and get a nice loud (i.e. - normalized) signal.
>    Just a hack, but it should work.
Not exactly what I meant but I guess it will work.
In sampletude I highlight the sample and press N and it does a
nondistructive normalize. This the people in ardour said was possible
but that they weren't programming this type of effect they were
concentrating on realtime effects...

> Cheers,
> Mark