[PlanetCCRMA] planet win4lin?

kevin ernste kevine@esm.rochester.edu
Sun Oct 12 20:47:01 2003

>    I tried Win4Lin a long time ago. At that time it didn't support
> audio
> applications at all. Does it today?

I had sent Aaron a src rpm for a kernel I use at home (non-smp,
however) which is just a Planet kernel compiled with the win4lin
patches. It works great on my single processor box, but between the two
of us, we just couldn't get a clean installation on smp and I don't
have a machine or experience with this to help him out.

Are there special concerns with smp installs that Aaron should know
about?  The kernel built perfectly, but there seemed to always be a
kernel version mismatch when rebuilding/installing things like

On the win4Lin front, it does work with some audio apps
(Vegas/Soundforge family, a few others) with some severe limitations
(stereo only, no MIDI) but these days I use it only for Sibelius which
runs fine sans MIDI (which I'm faster without).


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