[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora vs. PlanetCCRMA round two (good news)

Aaron aamehl@bezeqint.net
Sun Oct 12 12:05:03 2003

just asking, the newer kde offers much better hebrew support as does the
latest pango, I have avoided upgrading RH 9 to these because I have had
much bad experience with killing my whole system for a few apps.
That is why I anticipate the latest and greatest.
One of the reasons I bailed out of debian was that woody uses such old
stuff and development on many projects is moving so fast.

If I was a hacker I would do it myself but being a bit on the slow side
the planet is the only show I see in town.

A may be wrong if the agnula folks have finally got a release out.
But when I last looked there was no ardour and it was woody based.

So hats off to Nando and the planet.