[PlanetCCRMA] Some apps not working correctly under ALSA?

Michael mikes@tbc.net
Thu Oct 2 19:28:02 2003

Hi all,
I'm a first-timer working with ALSA. I've gone through the install 
routine at CCRMA, so as far as I can tell, I've done everything correctly.

First, my configuration:
Intel 815e PIII 1Ghz, dual booting Win 98SE and CCRMA Redhat 9 kernel
512M RAM
12x LG DVD (with audio cable to Soundblaster soundcard)
12x HP Burner
Sound Blaster PCI 512 soundcard
Audiomedia III soundcard

Observations / Questions:
Jack will start only after I disable arts, which seems to be the norm, 
from what I've read. I can play DVDs and audio CDs with Mplayer and 
KsCD. Is this correct?

Ardour will boot and run fine, but doesn't convert audio correctly. If I 
import a CD audio track, it plays back at a faster rate. Is Ardour 
supposed to convert 44.1khz to 48khz automatically?

Zynaddsubfx synth shows audio on the meters, but I can't hear it.

Rosegard shows MIDI playing on the meters as well, but I can't hear it 

Xmms will play an audio CD on the DVD, but if I try to play it digitally 
through the burner, I can't hear it. In fact, the scope line in Xmms is 
just a steady line.

Which mixer to use with Alsa: Qamix, Alsamixer, Sound Mixer, Volume 
Control? I seem to have no less than 4 mixers to choose from.

Any drivers available to use my Audiomedia III card with Ardour?

Any help apreciated,