[PlanetCCRMA] xruns

foltra@terra.cl foltra@terra.cl
Thu Oct 2 13:46:02 2003

On Thu, 02 Oct 2003, Aaron Trumm wrote:

> > I had irq problems after upgrading to kernel 2.4.22 (planetccrma),
> > with the nic usb and my DSP24 on irq 5, fixed it by setting the
> > pci irq to 9 for the dsp24, and boot with option acpi=off.
> > Now i'm happy. Sorry for the *personal experience plug* :)
> hey there - I had the same exact thing (except I have a HDSP 9652 sound
> card) - the kernel was assigning the eth0 and the hdsp to irq5 - but not all
> bios's allow you to assign the irq's, right?  all I could find in mine was I
> could set each irq # to either "reserved" or "pci", (if I changed an overall
> option to "manual" vs. "auto")...i even tried moving the sound card -
> meanwhile my machine has never taken up irq9, which makes me salivate, cuz
> it's the highest priority you can give to the card - any suggestions?

Mi mobo, an asus a7v266 has the option for setting the irq on each
pci slot to fixed number or auto. Don't know what are your options.
Switching slots till you get anything decent? uff, sorry for that.