[PlanetCCRMA] m-audio Delta 1010

Aaron Heller heller@ai.sri.com
Wed Oct 1 16:29:00 2003

Aaron Trumm wrote:

Another Aaron! (not very many of us)

>I don't know about the specifics of your problem, but that noise is often
>due to incompatible sample rates, or cables that aren't quite handling the
>digital signal right
>for example, if I were to set my Darwin at 48khz and plug into a dat machine
>and play back a dat at 44.1, I would get that noise
>also, occasionally I've had the same thing when i attempted to use a normal
>rca cable for spdif i/o (I have some normal rca cables that work though)
Thanks for the quick reply and good ideas.   The digital inputs to the 
1010 (via SP/DIF) are perfectly quiet, the problem is with the analog 
inputs.   I'm (unfortunately) familiar with the distortion arising from 
mismatched sample rates on digital transfers and it is usually 
correlated with the signal.  What I'm getting is broadband noise, 
completely uncorrelated with the signal. 

[I say "unfortunately" because someone tranfered some 44.1 DA88 tapes 
(B-format Ambisonic recording of a concert by *Gidon Kremer and 
Kremerata* *Baltica*) to HD for me as a favor, but he never checked the 
computer interface which was set to 48kHz.]

Thanks...  Aaron <heller@ai.sri.com>