[PlanetCCRMA] m-audio Delta 1010

Aaron Heller heller@ai.sri.com
Wed Oct 1 14:25:02 2003

Does anyone here use a Delta1010?   I just upgraded from a Delta66 to 
the 1010 and am getting a lot of noise on the analog capture inputs at 
88.2 and 96kHz sample rates -- about -30dBfs (should be -100dBfs).  The 
Delta66 worked flawlessly.  This is not a click, pop, dropped sample, 
xrun problem, but just white (or maybe pink) noise mixed in with the 
signal, which is otherwise clean and undistorted.  In fact, you can hear 
it just by routing the capture inputs to the outputs with envy24control, 
so the audio never moves off the board.

M-Audio Tech Support says they don't support Linux (despite the penguin 
on the box and claims on their website) and won't talk to me until I 
install it in a Windows box.   I upgraded based on their compatibility 
with ALSA and my excellent experience with the Delta66.

I use it in a homebrew mini-itx system (Via M9000) that I use for 
multichannel on-location recording with a Soundfield microphone.  I'm 
running the Planet Red Hat 8.0 distribution with the planetdev 
kernel-2.4.20-1.12.ll.acpi and ALSA-0.9.0-45.  (I know these are about 6 
months old, but I have not been able to get the newer kernels to boot on 
the mini-itx system, but that's a topic for another day).

I posted also posted this to the ALSA-user list too, but haven't gotten 
any replys.

Thanks...  Aaron Heller <heller@ai.sri.com>