[PlanetCCRMA] rosegarden/sblive midi record doesn't work

Aaron aamehl@bezeqint.net
Thu Nov 27 12:54:00 2003

Hi I must tell you that what you are missing is a few things.

Make sure you have the development libraries for alsa.
make sure you have load sfx and pmidi.

If you search the alsa archive you will find a long thread about a year
ago on this subject.

The deal is this to play midi you could use timidity to supply the
samples to use the card you need to load a soundfont (search the net for

you use pmidi to see what port it is using and then set rosegarden to
use those ports.

I also spent tons of time pulling my hair.

If you did all the above join the alsa group and query them.
lots of luck