Nvidia kernel module was: [PlanetCCRMA] jack ardour woes

kurt stockman kurt@kapotski.be
Wed Nov 26 05:06:00 2003

just installed fedora on my laptop + Nvidia

The error you get wen running the nvidia installer is because of a compiler
mismatch. (see /var/log/nvidia_something..)
The (planet)kernel seems to be compiled with gcc 3.2 whereas the gcc which
comes with fedora+planet is version 3.3. (??: don't remember exactly; on a
windows machine right now...)

solution (before starting X):
1) sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-*.run --extract-only
3) cd NVIDIA-Linux*
3) make install

ofcourse you need to have the kernel sources installed for this.

et voila....

good luck,


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Onderwerp: [PlanetCCRMA] jack ardour woes

hi all,
I installed all the planet on fedora 1.
When I start qjackctl and anything else my system grinds to a halt. The
worst is ardour but I feel it with everything.

I have a sound blaster live which I have used successfully with rh 9.0

I have a feeling that part of it is my video card as well but I can't
get the nvidia to compile for me.

Any jack tweaks would be most helpful

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