[PlanetCCRMA] connection questions

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 14 18:58:01 2003

> >> also ceres3, wants to go through snd i guess, but if i
> >> launch snd nothing happens at all..
> >
> >ceres3 uses a helper application (sndplay) to play sound. Do you have it
> >installed? (/usr/bin/sndplay). If not, simply do an "apt-get install
> >snd-utils".
> again, yes. i had tried to launch sndplay and alsaplayer while the 
> jack server was running and nothign happened until i quit the jack 
> server, whereupon both launched.

The current Planet CCRMA versions of snd and sndplay do not have jack
support. Very recently Kjetil Matheussen added Jack support to sndlib
(which is the i/o core of snd and sndpay) but I have not had much of a
chance to test it or package it...

> but they don't seem to have any ties to the hdsp sound output...

Both snd and sndplay have alsa support but the current support (which I
wrote a long time ago) does not include non-interleaved cards like the
RME cards. So you are not lucky today... A workaround for playback would
be to launch snd or sndplay like this:

  SNDLIB_ALSA_DEVICE=plughw:0 sndplay

That will override the default choice of device and you will be able to
use sndplay or snd with your RME card. To use ceres3 you could also set
the same environment variable in the command line (but this is only for
alsa, jack will not work of course). 

> i was expecting them to show up in the jack patchbay so i could patch 
> them to out 1&2, like i do with other apps.

If you wait a bit versions with Jack support should appear in the Planet
CCRMA collection...

-- Fernando