[PlanetCCRMA] Planet CCRMA - Fedora compatibility

Josh Steiner josh@vitriolix.com
Tue Nov 11 11:52:00 2003

i'm going to take a guess here and say that its likely that ccrma will 
remain much like it is now, a separate, parallel update cycle as nando 
maintains it.  from his recent mails it sounds like hes working on 
getting a fedora/ccrma repository up soon.


luciorgomes wrote:

>Hi Fernando
>The successor of RedHat, Fedora, is an
>apt based distribution (like Planet
>CCRMA packages are). I included the Fedora
>repositories for RH9 (and Livna - the
>"unofficial" packages of Fedora) in my
>apt.sources and made an "apt-update" for
>tests purposes. I just tried to
>install some packages and apt tells me
>that will uninstall lots of packages
>of CCRMA (I think that under Fedora
>Core will be the same). The
>incompatibility are related in most
>cases to video applications (Mplayer
>in my test, that is part of Fedora/Livna). 
>In Fedora site there's an alert for
>this in here:
>They propose to independent packagers
>to submit their work under a
>bureaucratic submission procedure that
>I don't think is good for the Planet
>update dynamics. 
>Am I wrong or Fedora and Planet
>CCRMA are (or will be) incompatible?
>Acabe com aquelas janelinhas que pulam na sua tela.
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