[PlanetCCRMA] Re: supercollider 3

Jonathan Segel jsegel@magneticmotorworks.com
Thu Nov 6 21:16:01 2003

>kick butt.  i've used SC2 a little bit, enough to have fallen in love
>with it... so with SC3/linux you get realtime recompilation and
>processing of the patches as your work on them within emacs?  i'd even
>be willing to put up with emacs for that ;)

it compiles as three parts: sc server (the noise maker), plugins (the 
ugens that make the sound graph functions) and sclang, that which 
calls those functions in the server. so yeah, you can have a server 
running w/ jack i/o and then send it code to tell it what to do at 
any moment or in the future on which node of the server, basically. 
in the OS X version that i've been using, there seem to be several 
progamming styles and shorthands available that work, and james 
mccartney, the original programmer, keeps it working well despite the 
many cooks of having open-sourced it.
mostly i use the method of making a synthdef, which is basically a 
closed function definition of how a particular sound will be made, 
send that to the server, then call the server by that synthdef name 
on a particular node and feed it the args it needs via OSC messages 
or routines that send OSC messages at whatever intervals.

i'm really psyched about the linux port (though to be honest, while i 
have the server compiled and running, i haven't managed to install 
the lisp files correctly in to get emacs to load sclang correctly, so 
i haven't made a sound on the linux system yet) - because i have to 
admit that SuperCollider is the reason i started trying to make sound 
on linux to begin with, and not being a programmer or c++ writer 
myself, i've spent the previous several months learning linux in 
order to understand linux-sound at all to be able to use SC!
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