[PlanetCCRMA] HopelessDSP...

derek holzer derek@x-i.net
Tue Nov 4 05:16:01 2003

alright, i give up! this HDSP card works super with the Planet with a 
PCI card, works fine with Debian on my laptop via cardbus, and even 
fires right up with an ALSA-enabled Knoppix live CD. i just don't know 
what it is about Red Hat and my laptop that makes them mutually 

if i understand right, the Planet kernel is more vanilla than the normal 
Red Hat one, right? so maybe the problem with the PCMCIA interface is 
not there, but in something else that Red Hat does while loading all the 
modules, etc etc... 'Nando, do you have any idea about this? if a Debian 
kernel can load the PCMCIA stuff right, why can't a Planet kernel do it?

sighhhhh.... oh well, i guess i am installing gentoo this week....