[PlanetCCRMA] PD GEM & RH9 frustrations

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Nov 3 09:25:02 2003

> I tried doing this:
> # rmmod sbp2
> # modprobe sbp2
> # mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/fwE
> and get the following error msg:
> mount: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device
> Well, if anyone can make sense of this so that I can mount my fw hd NTFS
> partition I would appreciate it.
> /brad

I'll get back to you later, but:

1) Is the drive actually NTFS? (You use this with Windows I guess?)

2) Do you have modular ntfs drivers installed with the Planet kernel, or is
Fernando building in ntfs support now?  (If you do use ntfs, you'd better
mount this drive as read only for a while as I've heard that the ntfs driver
is not 100% reliable when doing a write operation.)

3) What revision of 1394 code is running in your kernel? How recent?

4) What do you see under /proc/bus/ieee1394, and what is the content of the
devices file?

- Mark