[PlanetCCRMA] PD GEM & RH9 frustrations

Brad Kligerman bkliger@club-internet.fr
Sun Nov 2 12:00:03 2003

I'm pretty embarrassed... I loaded the CCRMA archive and found most of
the answers to my problems, or at least enough to get GEM working ...
I'm now going to through the archive to try to solve my firewire


On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 20:36, Brad Kligerman wrote:
> Hi all/ 
> I was a reasonably happy winxp pd/gem user when I found out about CCRMA.
> To take advantage of some pd libraries only developed on linux I took
> the CCRMA/RH9 route.
> Anyway, I got pd installed via CCRMA, but I can't get GEM to work. It
> seems to be installed (according to Synaptic) But, where is it? Why was
> pd put in /bin/bin? This seems strange. I'm working hard to learn the
> basics of linux, but if someone could help me along I would greatly
> appreciate it as I need to get a project going. Thanks.
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