[PlanetCCRMA] Parse error in kernel config script

Rohan Parkes rparkes@email.com
Sat May 31 06:21:01 2003

I wanted to look at the configuration of the CCRMA kernel, but xconfig
and the KDE kernel config utility both complain about a parse error at
line 188 in


if [ "$CONFIG_VISWS" = "y" ]; then
         define_mbool CONFIG_EEPRO100_PIO y
         dep_mbool '      Use PIO instead of MMIO' CONFIG_EEPRO100_PIO

The offending line is 

define_mbool CONFIG_EEPRO100_PIO y.

I changed it to define_bool (just on a hunch), and it seems to fix the

I'd like to compare the new kernel with the standard RH 9.0 version.(I'm
trying to see why I get the ioctl error with xawtv with the new version)
I'm not sure if I have to load one of the config scripts to see this.

Rohan Parkes