[PlanetCCRMA] apt and proxy settings

Martin Dupras martin.dupras@uwe.ac.uk
Thu May 1 06:39:01 2003

I have planet-ccrma set-up on my home rh9 machine working just fine. On 
the basis of that I decided to upgrade my workstation at work to 
rh9/planet-ccrma too.

Here's the one problem. There isn't a cd-rom for planetccrma for rh9 
yet, and this machine is behind an academic firewall.

I have set my proxy setting throughout that machine in such a way that 
everything works OK pretty, except for apt. I have altered the 
configuration file (/etc/apt/apt/conf) to include explicitly my proxy 
settings but that seems to not make much difference.

I had never used apt before planet-ccrma, but maybe I'm misunderstanding 
how it operates. Am I correct in understanding that apt requests an rpm 
package via an http transaction (in other words, it forms a URL and what 
  is returned by this URL is an rpm file)? If so, why would that fail 
when all other http programs seem to handle my proxy settings OK?


- martin