[PlanetCCRMA] UPDATED: apt, synaptic, kernel, alsa, new repository structure and configuration

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Mar 31 18:01:01 2003

Hi all, here it is, new stuff to play with... :-)

This upgrade REQUIRES a reconfiguration of apt.conf and sources.list!!
See the detailed instructions and comments in the Planet CCRMA change
log! All this neat stuff will not work if you don't follow the
instructions. It _may_ (or may not) work if you follow them :-)

There are many changes I have to make to roll this out, the repository
may be a little unstable over the next few hours. 

Creation of new iso images will happen after this announcement is sent,
so don't rush to download iso's of the new stuff. I'll send another
announcement when they are online. The instructions in the web site will
work if you upgrade over the network. 

Some highlights:
* apt updated to 0.5.5cnc4.1-1 - much better handling of architecture
  matches when installing kernel and alsa packages (so far...)
* synaptic updated to 0.32-1 (on redhat 8.0 only) - newer look
* kernel: based on 2.4.20 + 2.4.21-pre6, includes the usual low latency
  goodies and comes now by default with ACPI support (which you can turn
  off in the grub boot line using the option "acpi=off"). 
* alsa: based on 0.9.2+

The kernel is now segregated into two repositories, one for 7.x
(compiled with gcc2.96), the other for 8.x (compiled with gcc3.2). It
was about time :-) Should be easier to build additional kernel modules than
before. Architecture support has been expanded to the canonical i386,
i586, i686 and athlon. Naming is now more standard and new dependencies
make it easy to install and upgrade kernels and alsa (one virtual
package and you are done!). Alsaconf has been folded into the
alsa-driver package. Installation instructions are now a little bit
simpler because of the new repository structure. They are still
complicated and more will be happening shortly in that area. 

Many other small changes....

Hopefully I have not made major mistakes, let me know of any problems.
It is quite difficult to test everything without actually putting
everything online :-)

Anyway, enjoy!!
-- Fernando