[PlanetCCRMA] MIDI trouble

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Mar 26 12:14:02 2003

> It's not that, I do have sound. Let me tell you what I did last night.
> Connect qjackconnect and every synth is playing.

I assume you mean "used qjackconnect to connect the audio outputs of the
synthesizers to the sound card outputs" (sorry, but I still don't have a
clear picture of what's happening). Where are the synth getting note
on/off information from? Are they connected to the external midi port
using kaconnect?

> then I cannot read midi from my keyboard and play it, but (timidity worked)

Which program is trying to read midi from the keyboard?

> Now if I connect muse I can record midi to a track, and 
> If I start rosegarden, I am able to play midi in the keyboard and then hear 
> sound played from the keyboard "live" --> It's strange, or I am stuck in some 
> idiot mistake (wich is very possible).

Here's some tests I just did:
- jackstart -R -d alsa -d hw (start jack first)
- kaconnect (shows the external midi ports)
- qjackconnect (shows the alsa_pcm ports)
- iiwusynth -m alsa_seq -a jack snd/FluidR3\ GM.SF2
  (iiwusynth starts, ports appear in kaconnect and qjackconnect)
- connect iiwusynth's midi in to external midi out
- connect iiwusynth's audio out to alsa_pcm out
- play on keyboard --> piano (default patch) sounds fine on iiwusynth

- start zynaddsubfx
- connect midi with kaconnect, jack with qjackconnect
- play on keyboard --> sounds fine (both zynaddsubfx and iiwusynth)

- start "muse -a" (without audio, just a sequencer - otherwise it hangs
  in my case when trying to record midi)
  . go to Config Midi, select proper external midi port
  . create new midi track, enable record
  . record some midi
  . go to Config Midi, select one synth for port 2
  . select port 2 as output for the track
  . play the track --> sounds on selected synth

- start rosegarden - you can see it is greedy, it connects to all midi
  output ports and to input and output on jack!
  . record some midi into a track
  . play - nothing happens, can't figure out how to change output midi
    device and channels for a track :-)

Enough for now... :-)
If you can describe what you do I can try to repeat it here, step by

-- Fernando