[PlanetCCRMA] RH 7.3 kernel rebuild and Athlon

Luc Tanguay lucus@sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 12 19:58:01 2003


I've installed Planet CCRMA on my RedHat 7.3 system (Athlon 1GHz, SB 
Audigy).  I've installed the ACPI kernel 2.4.19-2.ll.acpi@i686 and it's 
working perfectly.  But boot time is excessively long (I mean, it takes 
longer than before the installation of Planet kernel :-).   I think it's 
because there is a lot of module.  Is it true?

Anyway, I would like to recompile the kernel to have less modules and a 
customized kernel for the Athlon and my setup.  I've tried the 
instructions from the mailing list archive but the compilation fails - 
the problem is with the kernel include file 'efi.h' not being found. 
 I've tried different configuration (make xconfig) to remove the faulty 
file from the build but it didn't work.

I also found in the archive the message dated Dec 5, 2002, where 
somebody had the same problem with the include file.  He's solution was 
to get the include file from another system.  I don't have the 
'asm-ia64' files, so I'm stuck.  How can I recompile a kernel for an 
Athlon and a RH 7.3 based system with ACPI enabled ?


Luc Tanguay
Boucherville, Quebec