[PlanetCCRMA] Cardbus Woes / VXpocket

raf@interaccess.com raf@interaccess.com
Wed Mar 5 23:42:01 2003

> Maybe you should post to the alsa-devel list to 
> see if there is something missing in vxloader...

yes, i was wondering if this'd become OT here...sorry.

> Another thing to try would be load manually load
> snd-vxpocket (after stopping alsa) with a modprobe
> and then execute vxload manually.

good -- tried that, and finally i can see the vxpocket! 

now i'm at the zenith: i play a wav file and
immediately get a hard lockup. besides posting to
ALSA regarding vxloader problems during bootup, i'll
pursue irq and i/o address conflicts. also, before
wrapping it for today, i noticed "cardctl status"
reports the vxpocket as a 16-bit card, and i could
swear it's a 32-bit cardbus card (i'll doublecheck
that, and if so, perhaps i'm closing in on the
lockup cause).

thanks a lot fernando,