[PlanetCCRMA] Cardbus Woes / VXpocket

raf@interaccess.com raf@interaccess.com
Tue Mar 4 01:09:01 2003

> You may want to test drive a planetary 2.4.20-pre4
kernel just for the
> fun of it :-)

Thanks, Fernando, this 2.4.20 upgrade hurled me
forward.  the cardmgr subsystem now wakes up, gets
the VXpocket to ident itself, etc.  it complained
about "unrecognized card". a little research led me
to discover there was no entry in 
/etc/pcmcia/config for my card. so i inserted a card
definiton block as well as as a device definition. 
now the pcmcia system starts w/o error -- i can even
hot-plug the VXpocket which act evokes modprobes for
snd-vxpocket. so it appears that i've got the
cardmgr seeking out the correct driver now.

however the VXpocket still isn't working-- it seems
the built-in i810 always gets setup as primary snd
card. alsaconf only finds the i810, it has never
seen the VXpocket i will pursue this further in a
few days when time permits. i'm seeing a failure
"alsa aready started" but i haven't figured out yet
which stimulus is responsible.  

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