[PlanetCCRMA] added: xcdroast, cdrtools and some _empty_ packages

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Mar 3 19:42:01 2003

* added xcdroast version 0.98alpha13 to the repository. A versatile
  front end to the cdrtools package, it can be configured to be used by
  non-root users. This is a much newer version than the one included by

* added cdrtools version 2.0-1. Includes cdrecord, cdda2wav and mkisofs.
  The new xcdroast requires these new versions. 

* added planetccrma-audioapps and planetccrma-audiovideoapps. These two
  packages are empty. In a way :-) Even empty packages can be useful.
  Read on:

They depend on the list of "recommended" audio or audio and video apps
that I now mantain together with the repository. So if you install
either of these packages you will force apt-get to install _all_ the
required packages. Voila! A fully populated Planet CCRMA machine in one
apt-get invocation! (well, after you install the kernel and alsa, of
course). Kudos to Kevin Ernste (creator and mantainer of the Turnkey
Linux Audio web site for Mandrake rpms) for this neat idea!

More details can be found in the Planet CCRMA ChangeLog...

* also added planetccrma, an rpm that holds the web page documentation
  and installs it in:
  Useful for installs without network connectivity. 

Hmmm, talking about network connectivity. I have not had a chance to
document this but I might as well tell you about it. If you go to the
directory where the Planet CCRMA iso images are located you will find
iso images of the first three RedHat 8.0 cdroms. With a twist. They
include an apt database so that they can be added to the sources.list
file with an "apt-cdrom add" command. Cool (I think). You will also find
the apt databases themselves. I will add instructions in the web site on
how to create a custom apt-enabled cdrom from an original RedHat 8.0
cdrom so that you will not need to download all the images.  

-- Fernando