[PlanetCCRMA] CD burning under X

Ryan G. ryanpg@yahoo.com
Thu Jul 31 14:52:01 2003


I use the NVIDIA driver, and removing

Option	    "RenderAccel" "TRUE"

from your xf86config file may improve stability (lockups were common
untill tuesday's NVIDIA driver anyway).

Or you could try to add a

Option	    "RenderAccel" "FALSE"

line, but the first effort would be to get the new drivers and compile
them (worked wonderfully with the latest ccrma sources).

Also rezound still zombifies... i'm beginning to think cpu
optimizations might be major contributers to the performance issues
I've seen lately... grr...


>> I do have the NVidia X driver installed (but the same hardware and
>> driver combination work just fine in SuSE 8.2 both with the command
>> line and k3b) if that may be causing some issue.
> I could be a combination of the NVidia driver and the XFree86 version
> that redhat 9 has. It would look like it is a graphics issue.
> I don't know what you could try, maybe turning off graphics 
> acceleration
> to see what happens? Or changing (temporarily) to the vesa graphics
> driver to see if the Nvidia driver has something to do with the hang.

> -- Fernando