[PlanetCCRMA] libstdc++.so.5 on RH7.3?

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Jul 29 09:52:01 2003

> Yep...  this system's run reliably for me for quite a while now and
> I don't want to mess with success.  I haven't had a single reason to
> think about migrating so far, since Nando's still supporting 7.3.

Although I think Fernando was suggesting the other day that 7.3 is going
away one day, possibly soon...

As an example of non-success, my primary reason to update to RH9 was to be
able to compare the operation of my RME Hammerfall Light in that Planet box
to the operation of the HDSP 9652 in my Gentoo box. In the background I've
been working to help Thomas Charbonnell with testing of some new HDSP 9652
drivers, but I keep running into limitations of my knowledge of how these
simple Linux command line apps are supposed to work under Alsa, so I thought
I'd use two boxes and look for differences. Seems simple enough....

...until I discovered that some simple apps, like alsamixer, will not even
run with a Hammerfall Light!

(Forgive me for thinking that, for the three cards I've worked with under
Alsa, since alsamixer doesn't really 'mix' audio signal but rather only
(apparently) sets channel volumes, that it would work with the Hammerfall
Light. My mistake. No 'mixer hardware' in the Hammerfall Light, so alsamixer
won't even run!

Being that the Alsa site doesn't discuss this, and the RME Hammerfall device
pages at the Alsa site don't discuss this, and to the best of my knowledge
no Linux page in the world really discusses what is meant by a 'mixer
hardware' in sound card, I somehow had come to think that alsamixer was a
badly named app and really should have been called
'alsachannelvolumecontroller'. My mistake...) ;-)

The point being I spent the time to update and then found the reason for
updating wasn't particularly valid at all... ;-)

But, the update itself was painless!! Since you've been so helpful to me in
the past I didn't mind (once again) showing how stupid I am with Alsa. ;-)

- Mark