[PlanetCCRMA] Audacity Seg Faults Redhat 9 & rezound gets zombified

Ryan G. ryanpg@yahoo.com
Sun Jul 27 12:27:02 2003


> Subject: [PlanetCCRMA] Audacity Seg Faults Redhat 9

I've had no problems running audacity on rh 9 (standard ccrma stuff
installed).  BUT... has anyone had trouble with rezound getting shut
down by jack?

It's very reproducable, start jackd, start rezound, grab an open
terminal and drag it around the desktop in circles... then comes;

[root@ruined root]# rezound
'vox' executable not found in $PATH -- vox format support will be
using path '/usr/share/rezound' for share data directory
zombified - calling shutdown handler

Seems like somehow my system has become generally less responsive and
stable (regarding jackd anyway).  I've heard on the jack list that
--enable-optimize when compiling jack produces great results (of course
that doesn't do we planet folk much good).