[PlanetCCRMA] Audacity Seg Faults Redhat 9

tSp tsp@crowning-apathy.com
Sun Jul 27 10:15:02 2003

Here is an error message I am getting on Redhat 9:

Pa_SetupDeviceFormat: warning - requested sample rate = 44100 Hz -
closest = 48000
Segmentation fault

A quick search turns out to be a problem with RedHat 9 uses a new
threading model called NPTL.  Here is where I found the information for
the error message at, 

I tried to use the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL fix that worked with that particular
software, but can't get it to work for audacity.  Anyone have any other

tSp <tsp@crowning-apathy.com>
Crowning Apathy