[PlanetCCRMA] two kernel patches sets merged

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jul 25 10:00:03 2003

> > > So i took the main patches from the PlanetCCRMA set and combined them
> > > with the Con Kolivas patches set. No rejects, the patches applied to the
> > > kernel and then the kernel compiled just fine.
> > 
> > Good to know. I'll try to create a new set of rpms when I get some time
> > (maybe next week or the week after, I just got back from a long break
> > and I have tons of things to catch up to).
> Welcome back! :-)
> > Thanks for the work and please let us know of any more tests you do (or
> > bugs you find)!
> Actually, i used both the PlanetCCRMA and the "combined" (CK +
> PlanetCCRMA) kernels for a while. The thing is, the disk I/O performance
> is simply not enough. I'm using my system for all sorts of video stuff
> too, not just audio, and the disk subsystem tends to be used pretty
> heavily.

Probably not unexpected, I would guess that if you optimize for low
latency the disk performance could suffer, specially with the elevator
tuneups (just guessing here). 

> Also, it's strange, but neither of these kernels has an overall desktop
> responsiveness that i could rely on. Probably due to the unusual
> workloads i'm throwing at the system.

Yes, that is strange but I've seen things like that happen. 

> Another thing, with these kernels, no matter which media player i use
> (Xine, Gxine, Ogle, Goggles, mplayer...), the CPU load is very high when
> playing any sort of video file. I tried anything i could think of: AGP
> stuff, Xv, whatever. Nothing could fix it.
> Weird...

This is strange. Did you look at the debugging output of XFree86 to make
sure that the direct rendering interface is actually being turned on?
(most probably you already did this). 

> (My system is an nForce motherboard, with a GeForce2 embedded; i'm using
> the "official" nVidia drivers)
> So i went back to the plain Red Hat kernel. Amazing disk I/O, while
> keeping the system extremely snappy under (my kind of) load. The media
> players can play any video at ~1% CPU load.
> However, it lacks capabilities, as i discovered today when trying to run
> ReZound. :-(
> So, i guess i'll give a try to your Red Hat + capabilities kernel.

That should do it, I guess...
-- Fernando