[PlanetCCRMA] new system setup

pukitis lielais zverinu@hotmail.com
Thu Jul 10 07:37:02 2003


i'm a complete linux newbie, but frustrated with Windows OS and software, so 
I'm considering a new audio-workstation under RedHat 9 (or 8?) with CCRMA.

i need audio editing, multi-track capability (but not recording) and video 

since i've seen a lot of little problems here and there with various 
hardware and drivers, i'd like to simply copy a complete working system if 
same hardware, same software, same configuration
i still have to buy all the components...

so if any one of you has a working setup which fits my needs and is fairly 
recent (old hardware is kind of hard to find), please let me know what you 
have and what you can/can't do with it

i'm especialy confused about sound-card options and drivers
remeber: 2 in/2 out analog and digital is quite enough for me...

thank you sooo much!