[PlanetCCRMA] problems (newbie)

not8ohm not8ohm@iinet.net.au
Mon Jul 7 21:50:02 2003

hi there,

first off, thanks for an excellent resource.

now my problems.  I am a fairly new linux user, and am running rh9 on a 
spare machine with the planet ccrma collection as a test run.  it was 
running ok apart from x logging out every now and then when the alsa 
driver was engaged.  today, however, I have been trying to play my 
playlist in xmms and get no output at all.  in fact, pressing stop on 
xmms quits the application.  it was working before I installed the audio 
apps collection using synaptic.  actually, its all rather messed up now, 
with ardour and timidity not even loading.  is there an obvious cause 
behind these problems, or should i perhpas blow rh9 away and go with 8, 
or even 7.3?


michael noble