[PlanetCCRMA] usb audio recommendations

Jonathan Giles jgiles@panix.com
Sun Jul 6 12:04:01 2003

I am currently using planetccrma on redhat 8 on a dell
inspiron 4100 laptop using the built-in audio output with
pretty good results, however I have come to an impasse...

I would like to start a project that requires at least 4
live audio channels of input controlled by pd, and I do not
have any decent inputs on the laptop.  I searched for midi
controlled mixers and found nothing, and thought I could do
this real easy with four inputs to the laptop maybe thru a
usb audio device.  How well is usb audio supported by Linux
and planetccrma, and does anyone here have any
recommendations for devices and the drivers that might be
available for them?

Thanks very much for the help!


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