[PlanetCCRMA] timidity

youyou julien.cochennec@wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 20 14:49:01 2003

such strange things, i didn't know timidity was running.
i did what you said, i launch timidity without killing it, then i launch 
kaconnect, there was no readable port and there was two writeable ports 
: timidity 128:1 and timidity 128:0
as i couldn't find vkeybd, i launched muse, i've managed to select 
instruments on the timidity port, i created some events on the piano 
roll, i played it, but no sound.

i got back to kaconnect and i saw muse in both readable port and 
writeable port.
so i connected muse to timidity 1 and timidity 2.
back in muse, i played, no sound...
got bored of trying every options in muse, i quit, and i heard a piano 
note ( i had selected piano in muse! )

where can i find vkeybd?