[PlanetCCRMA] updated: zynaddsubfx to 1.0.7

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Feb 10 10:25:02 2003

   Sorry. Nothing deadly. As with many synths, when you start combining that
many notes it gets louder and starts distorting. I think some of the best
Window's soft synths (Reason, AbSynth, Reaktor) actually manage this a bit
by internally reducing individual voice volume so the summation doesn't push
the limits so hard.

   Once you get to 32 voices it's pretty bad, again, depending on the actual
patch. At the 33rd note all sound just stops...until you release the sustain
pedal, at which time you hear all 33 notes in their release ADSR phase.

   I _think_ you can make this happen by just sending a huge amount of MIDI
information to the synth all at once. Lay both your arms on a keyboard at
the same time. (!!) I'm sure you could write something in a MIDI sequencer
that will do it also.

   In my discussion with Paul my suggestion was that he needs to keep track
of the release event for each note (not the Note On event) and then when he
reaches whatever limits he has set, he should steal resources from the note
that was released first. I have not heard back from him on this. He's going
to school, so I think his time is somewhat limited.

   I'll let folks know if I hear anything, but I suspect the next message
will be that he's released 1,08 with a fix.

   I've also requested the ability to limit certain patches to a specific
number of voices, so that you could create things like mono synth lead
patches, etc.


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> >    For those that are interested, this version of Zyn has added
> some much
> > needed controller support, but unfortunately uncovered a pretty
> big problem
> > in terms of note management. Play 32 notes with the sustain pedal on and
> > hear was happens at note #33.
> What happens? I'm curious but I don't have a sustain pedal handy :-)
> -- Fernando