[PlanetCCRMA] ALSA drivers update?

Emiliano Grilli Emiliano Grilli <emillo@libero.it>
Tue Feb 4 00:50:01 2003

> Maybe during this week. I'm waiting a little bit for potential fixes to
> problems that are uncovered with the rc7 release. 

  Thank you very much, Fernando...
  So I wait that release. Hope that solves my problems 

> I use the delta 66 plus omni i/o boxes a lot. They work well (the 44 is
> the same thing minus the spdif interface, I think). 

  Cool. As for now I've no need for 4x4 I/O, but the delta 44 seems to
  me one of the best cards for that price (285 EURO), and for spdif I've
  already the Dio 2448.
  However, if latest ALSA solves my problem, I will wait another bit (my
  budget is small).

  BTW, do you think that with ice1712 chipset I could get a better low
  latency response than on my cmipci? With the last ALSA that work I get
  sporadic xruns (every 5 minutes or so). How much the latency is
  dependant from the soundcard?

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