[PlanetCCRMA] Alsa and frames size

Sonar sonar@telaneos.com
Mon Dec 22 06:57:02 2003

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Hi all,<br>
Why can't I start jack with less than 512 frames per period?<br>
<hr size="2" width="100%">loading driver ..<br>
creating alsa driver ...
control device hw:0<br>
configuring for 48000Hz, period = 256 frames, buffer = 2 periods<br>
Couldn't open hw:0 for 32bit samples trying 16bit instead<br>
ALSA: cannot set period size to 256 frames for capture<br>
ALSA: cannot configure capture channel<br>
cannot load driver module alsa<br>
<hr size="2" width="100%">Can't find anything on that in the archives
and you guy's all seems to be able to set the frames as low as 64!<br>
Starting Jack with qjackctl. Soundblaster live! with the latest planet
kernel on RH9.<br>