[PlanetCCRMA] muse segfault

Guy Daniel CLOTILDE guy.clotilde@wanadoo.fr
Sun Dec 21 06:14:01 2003


I wasn't aware of "muse -d" , I was using "muse -a" (without audio) before because muse hanged (still hangs) if I tried to add an audio track. As I wanted to do only midi music at this time, this wasn't a problem. 
So "muse -d" is working quite fine for me, no more complaining about /dev/rtc . But that's strange, because "muse -d" means "debug mode: no threads" according to "muse -help".
Strange, really. 

Tracey Anne Hytry wrote / a écrit:
> Also, I had to intitially run it as "/usr/bin/muse -d" 
> Muse seems to be coming along very well, but I'm waiting for it to let
> me record the audio from the external synths while recording the midi
> input stream from the keyboards.  It's got some real nice midi
> clocking(we have an older MOTU midi time piece/8x8 midi switcher
> connected to the synths and the computer) which muse seems to be
> seeing.

I think I have to suscribe to the muse mailing list...

> I hope that helps, Tracey.

Yes, thanks for the tip.

Best regards.