[PlanetCCRMA] how best to install Ardour?

Bruce Elliott belliott4488@comcast.net
Thu Dec 18 20:29:00 2003

Thanks ... no, I'm not at all opposed to GUIs.  If I knew what I was 
doing, maybe I'd feel better about doing it all from the command line, 
but I'm not there yet.

I'd forgotten about synaptic because somewhere in the first few pages of 
Fernando's instructions he mentions it but warns against using it until 
all the Planet CCRMA components have been installed.  Do you know why?  
Can I just go ahead and run it now?

- Bruce

parker wrote:

> Hi,
> If you're not oposed to a GUI interface, then I think you could do 
> 'apt-get install synaptic'. Synaptic is pretty nice and reports 
> dependencies by telling you everything that will be installed in order 
> to get any application working.
> Ron
> Bruce Elliott wrote:
>> I've been working on getting Planet CCRMA installed, and I think I'm 
>> ready to try and install Ardour, which is really my ultimate goal.  
>> (I've done all the steps up through the latency optimizing, so I 
>> think I'm there -- BTW, thank to Fernando for earlier help; I didn't 
>> want to send out a separate message saying only, "Yep, that worked.")
>> I see that there isn't an incantation for getting Ardour with 
>> apt-get.  I downloaded the rpm (for RH 9.0), and I see that I'll also 
>> need librdr.so.0 and libsamplerate.so.0 .  Should I go to the Ardour 
>> site to find these?  Do I have to download the source and build them?
>> Alternatively, if I install planetccrma-audioapps, will Ardour be 
>> installed?  That's an awfully long list, and I wasn't sure I'd use 
>> everything on it.
>> thanks,
>> Bruce
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