[PlanetCCRMA] how best to install Ardour?

Bruce Elliott belliott4488@comcast.net
Thu Dec 18 19:46:01 2003

I've been working on getting Planet CCRMA installed, and I think I'm 
ready to try and install Ardour, which is really my ultimate goal.  
(I've done all the steps up through the latency optimizing, so I think 
I'm there -- BTW, thank to Fernando for earlier help; I didn't want to 
send out a separate message saying only, "Yep, that worked.")

I see that there isn't an incantation for getting Ardour with apt-get.  
I downloaded the rpm (for RH 9.0), and I see that I'll also need 
librdr.so.0 and libsamplerate.so.0 .  Should I go to the Ardour site to 
find these?  Do I have to download the source and build them? 

Alternatively, if I install planetccrma-audioapps, will Ardour be 
installed?  That's an awfully long list, and I wasn't sure I'd use 
everything on it.