[PlanetCCRMA] ES1371 rev6 not working

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 17 14:57:01 2003

> I have four soundcards, two labelled SB 64 PCI. The other has a 1370 
> chip and the other a 1373 which is recognised by linux as es 1371 rev 
> 6. The two other are SB Vibras, both with the 1371 chip. The Vibras 
> work fine and the 1370 SB64 PCI too. The alsa drivers load as should 
> and I can use all three cards. The 1371 rev 6 card causes trouble.
> Alsaconf recognises the card and lets me choose it, but after the 
> configuration starting of the card fails. I get this red text saying 
> "Failed" when the service is started. The funny thing is that the other 
> 1371 cards start perfectly, and the driver should be the same.  Are 
> there some known obscurities with this rev 6 of the 1371 chip and the 
> alsa ens-1371 drivers?

Not that I know off, perhaps it would be a question for the alsa-devel
list. Did you try to install just the problematic card alone in the
computer? (without any other soundcards). 

-- Fernando