[PlanetCCRMA] lilypond-2.0 package missing ly2dvi

Tue Dec 16 09:42:05 2003

Well you could save it as abc or pmx and then abc2ly it.
But try sly at www.openguitar.com

I know what you're thinking, but it turns text into a score so that the parts 
line up.

first send me the lilypond output of the noteedit file, it could be some 
simple to fix error or some tweak to do in the output.

I will check out denemo and see what I can find out because for lilypond it is 
the best gui.

I would say that what ever you do, learn lilypond, the reason is that there 
are so many things that will be easier to do in text, and you will see that 
you may end up not liking the gui's output, although Richard Shann (who made 
the lilypond version of denemo, really knows lilypond.

I started out using a gui and soon ended up in text, but for scores, you must 
use sly and emacs, with all the whistles and buzzers.
read the emac mode stuff that comes with lilypond, then configure the point 
and click feature:

then the quick entry features

and sly as stated above.

I will wager that the problem with the noteedit output is fixable, but you 
will soon see that a configured text editor is much needed.


Then in parrallel a gui.