[PlanetCCRMA] newbie question: how do I recognize OSS drivermodules?

Mark Knecht markknecht@comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 17:33:00 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 17:22, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

> >    Anyway, if it was installed by RPM, couldn't it be removed by RPM? Maybe
> > some instructions along those lines would be helpful?
> Not really, the OSS drivers are part of the kernel itself (just a bunch
> of kernel modules). So there is no way to remove it from the system. 

Ah, OK.
> > I remember the first time I installed the Planet flow this was a question
> > for me. I didn't know anything about OSS and licensing, etc., so I just
> > thought it was another piece of free software, etc. and it was confusing.
> Yes, it is a pain. I'll see if I tackle the script again. It should not
> be too difficult, just find all loaded modules that depend on soundcore
> and each other and unload them :-)

I'm not sure it's really worth your time. 

With Alsa going 1.0 and becoming part of the kernel with 2.6, I think
fewer and fewer people will run into this problem over time. Maybe a
pointer to some other page about what to do if you have problems would
be better than having this warning on the main kernel setup page where
100% of the people are going to see it would be a better use of time.