[PlanetCCRMA] Recently landed on Planet CCRMA

Alessandro Fogar sfogar@inwind.it
Mon Dec 15 15:00:02 2003


I recently installed Planet CCRMA on my pc (Fedora Core 1).

But I discovered that the Low latency kernel does not work on my 
machine so I used the RH kernel with capabilities.

Ardour does not work too (segfault).

Jack is ok and the Alsa/Hdsp are ok too (after a day spent figured out 
why the Hdsp firmare did not get loaded).

My pc is based on an Asus A7N8X mobo + Athlon xp 2500+.



Well the problem is that my Pc has not direct access to the net, I 
downloaded the images on another pc and burned the cds so cannot update 
so easily to new releases but my aim was to try Ardour and Rezound + 
Ladspa and soon Supercollider3 (now I'm using it under OS X).

I tried to download an updated Ardour but it does not work, it 
complains about something missing in jack (I thin a new version is 

But Fernando you did a great job in assemblig all this !

Thanks !

I'll try to hook up my old modem to try an update.


Alessandro Fogar Grado (Go) - Italy