[PlanetCCRMA] a couple newbie questions

parker parker@lionstracs.com
Mon Dec 15 10:42:02 2003


1. How often are application packages upgraded? I'm looking for the 
latest Hydrogen which has jack_transport support or so I am told that it 
does. I need it for a NAMM demo.

2. Do you accept requests for including apps in CCRMA? If yes, I'd like 
to request JAMin which is also slated for the NAMM demo. It's not a 
problem to install source but packages are a little more appropriate for 
the purpose of my demo. Steve H. any reason for not having JAMin 
included in CCRMA?

CCRMA will also get a slide in the presentation: CCRMA Demo; remove and 
reinstall an application. Thanks for making that task so easy.

Ron Parker
Lionstracs General Manager U.S.
2428 Dupont Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405