[PlanetCCRMA] post-update hdsploader problem

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Dec 13 19:25:01 2003

> > hello, i just dist-upgraded my everything to the rh2.4.20-24.caps 
> > kernel, all other normalized planetcore updates, now for some reason 
> > hdpsloader cannot read the multiface_firmware_rev11.bin file, i can't 
> > upload firmware to the multiface. can't see why - the file is there 
> > and readable by all users.
> There was a similar report a few days ago. For some reason the loader
> tools are pointing to /usr/local instead of /usr (I did not change
> anything in the spec file and I do a complete configure with all the
> paths... go figure). 
> I have to release a fixed version, in the meanwhile you could copy the
> images to the /usr/local/ path or make a termporary link while I fix the
> problem. 
> This should work:
>   mkdir -p /usr/local/share/
>   ln -s /usr/share/alsa /usr/local/share/alsa

I have not released a new version but I have fixed the existing version
(bad boy!). This is a temporary fix till I get to actually release a new
version. If you are experiencing this problem you should be able to fix
it by erasing alsa-tools and alsa-firmware and reinstalling them from
Planet CCRMA. This should do it:
    rpm -e --nodeps alsa-tools alsa-firmware
    (the --nodeps to bypass the planetccrma-core-* dependency)
    apt-get -f install
that should reinstall both packages (hmmm, I'm not sure, you may want to
do an "apt-get clean" before to erase anything you may have in the apt

With the new packages you should not need the workaround. 

To actually check that you have the newer version you could do a
"strings /usr/bin/hdsploader" and make sure the paths you see do not
include /usr/local. 

-- Fernando